Show Dates
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Summer, Fall, Winter 2020

Venues all over Delmarva!

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🔥COVID-19 has partially sidelined us but we are hanging in there! Stay Safe!! 🔥

9/3▪️Jungle Bar Ocean City (4pm)▪️
9/4▪️Chesapeake & Maine (5pm)▪️CANCELLED
9/4▪️Hyatt Lighthouse Dewey (6pm)▪️
9/6▪️Hammerheads Dockside (3pm)▪️CANCELLED
9/6▪️Trimper's Rides Ocean City (7pm)▪️
9/10▪️Skye Bar Ocean City (4pm)▪️
9/11▪️Hyatt Lighthouse Dewey (6pm)▪️
9/12▪️Blue Coast Rehoboth (5pm)▪️
9/13▪️PRIVATE in Lewes (5pm)▪️
9/16▪️Thompson Island Rehoboth (4pm)▪️(trio)
9/17▪️Skye Bar Ocean City (4pm)▪️
9/18▪️John West Park, Ocean View▪️ CANCELLED
9/19▪️Plantation Lakes Millsboro (6pm)▪️
9/20▪️Cafe on 26, Ocean View (4pm)▪️(Private)
9/22▪️Aqua Grill Rehoboth (5:30pm)▪️
9/24▪️Milton Theatre Quayside (7pm)▪️TICKETS
9/25▪️Matteos Salsa Loco Fenwick Island (6:30pm)▪️
9/26▪️Abbott's Mill (6pm)▪️CANCELLED
9/26▪️99 Sea Level (8pm)▪️CANCELLED
9/27▪️PRIVATE in Ocean City (5pm)▪️
9/29▪️Aqua Grill Rehoboth (5:30pm)▪️
10/2▪️Chesapeake & Maine (5pm)▪️CANCELLED
10/5▪️Grain On The Rocks Lewes (5:30pm)▪️
10/6▪️Aqua Grill Rehoboth (5:30pm)▪️
10/8▪️Plantation Lakes Millsboro (6pm)▪️
10/9▪️Pond Rehoboth (7pm)▪️
10/16▪️Blue Coast Rehoboth (5pm)▪️
10/24▪️Pond Rehoboth (7pm)▪️
10/29▪️Plantation Lakes Millsboro (6pm)▪️
10/31▪️Bethany Boathouse (6pm)▪️CANCELLED
11/6▪️Chesapeake & Maine (5pm)▪️(Trio)
11/7▪️Pond Rehoboth (7pm)▪️
11/12▪️Plantation Lakes Millsboro (6pm)▪️
11/27▪️Plantation Lakes Millsboro (6pm)▪️
12/4▪️Chesapeake & Maine (5pm)▪️(Trio)
12/5▪️Pond Rehoboth (7pm)▪️
12/18▪️Pond Rehoboth (7pm)▪️ 

3/27▪️Salero Rehoboth▪️(Private)
9/11▪️Overfalls Gala - Baywood Greens▪️
8/22▪️Rehoboth Bandstand (8pm)▪️

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